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[[OMG. Im so happpppppppppy!]]

First day kanina! HAPPY HAPPY..

you know what? im tired of blogging. hhaha!

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LOL. Its our fiesta tomorrow. well. later. Haha! Its so fun!

We had this parade, that gays participated in. They wore this costumes. With thongs! =)) Haha!! I swear, i can't stop laughing when i saw it. This othery GAY was like wearing this angel costume, again with thongs. haha! and highheels! Oh my. ITS SO FUNNY!

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Hmmmmm. My dad left the day before yesterday! I miss him already! Hahaha! I'm such a daddy's girl Oh well.

-I want that nike bag angel was talking about! Ugggh. I swear. But, I already told my dad to buy me a bag in L.A.

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It's my cousin's birthday today! Her names Lea! She's in College na. We went to Lola Soling's house! It was fun! My dad was talking about business, but i find their conversastion, very funny. Haha! Well, they talked about Hongkong's DisneyLand! Hahaha! My tita made a joke about Mickey Mouse, haha! What is it? Well, She said Hongkong was looking for a mascot, the height should be 4"11 or less! HAHA! You didint get it? Oh well. Haha! Then my brother said, it should have chinky eyes! Haha!! With BIG ears! Haha! Then my dad talked about different cultures! Like he said that british people are very frank. And Americans are all about stragey. Businesswise that is. And that Arabs were just plain weird! Haha! Why? Well my dad said that when they have meetings with arabs, it takes them 1 whole day to discuss a topic. And then, after the meeting the arabas will act as if nothing happened. Hahaha!

We fetched my sister in the airport. She went to Boracay last June 2. I think. Then we bought Yellow Cab Pizza in Katipunan. New York's Finest! And.. well.. thats about it!

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Ang lakas ng ulan, grabe! Haha!

-Ok, so i went to a clinic, for the medical thing that our school requires. I met Tin Silvoza's dad! haha! I didn't know that hes gonna be the one checking my eyes! Haha! -checking my eyes? WTF?- Haha! Well, guess niyo kung ano grado ko! answer: 325! What the fuck! Haha! ├╝ber naman un! Crap! Nashock ako nung sinabi. And i have to wear glasses. Yeah right, as if susuutin ko un. Haha! Siguro pag nagcocomputer, and nagbabasa and tumitingin sa blackboard. Yun mga ganon, Pero pag walang ginagawa, Tsss. asa sila susuotin ko yun! Haha! No way highway. -ay corny-

-Pumunta kami sa Nike! Para bumili kuya ko ng shirts! For college. Syempre ngiti naman ciya! Eh, medyo weirdo kasi yun e. So, ang dami dami binibigay sa kanya, ayaw naman ng ayaw! haha! weird. haha! So, yun... may nakita ako super and i mean super cute na shirt. Pang-guy siya. Nike Tennis. And you know naman how much i love tennis - because of andy roddick - So, pinatingnan ko sa kanya! Then he liked it! Tapos 850. haha! Then, sabi ng dad ko okay lang daw. Kasi maganda naman!

Then meron isang shirt. Pinick ng dad ko. Super ganda ng tela! Haha! I swear. ang sarap gawing kumot. Haha! Tinry ng brother ko, eh diba super payat nun? Eh ung tela pala, dumidikit sa body! Hahaha!! So you could just imagine kung ano itsura! Haha! It was really funny! Pero, binili pa rin ng dad ko. Tsss. Hahaha!

Tapos sa Nike, sa rusty lopez kami, for my school shoes. Ok lang.. simple.

---Onga pala! My dad bought me a new phone! Yipeee! It's 6170. Its ok. Ginaya ang Motorola RZR. Tsss. The cameras great!

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[[no title at all]]

Hmmmm. Ok. I haven't slept yet. Whatever. I'm used to not sleeping, anyways. Haha! Oh well.

So I went to MC, to pick up my uniform! I can't wait til school starts!! Yipeeee! I can see my friends! I miss astigkadasm so so so much! And Kara and Carmy rin! Of course I won't forget about chakchakchenes! Hahaha! Whattaname! Hahahahaha!

Oh yeah! It's my Lolo's birthday today! He's 80! Oh my! This is the first birthday he'll have without his wife. Awwww. As most of you guys know, my lola died last February, that's why I was absent for a couple of days! Haha!

-The ice cream was so yummmmy!

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-Finally, i got my computer! Yipeeeee! It was upgrade to 80gb. It's so fast! I'm so happy!! Hahaha! Oh well.. I'm planning on borrowing or buying the sims2 cds. Just for fun. I still remember the day when I was addicted to the Sims. Till the wee hours, i was taking care of the "newborn child" of my "family!" Haha! Their names? Hmm.. Blythe was their surname. Chloe Blythe. Chantel Blythe. You see, I love names starting in letter "C," except of course the common ones. Like Christine, Carmela, Christy, Carol, and Carla. Hahaha. I don't know. I want to be unique! Haha! So, anyways..

-My dad's leaving Philippines on a couple of hours. Hes going to hongkong. For a business meeting. He's just gonna have lunch! Oh my! haha! That's really weird! Like going to Hongkong just to have lunch! Haha! Oh well.

-I went to the salon today. And, boy do i look like a kindergarden-er. Haha! I swear!! My kindergarden memories are rapidly appearing in my thoughts right now. Haha! You'll see my hair, once school starts! Its sooooo short. I mean SHORT. Like short short. Haha! Ok. I'll stop! Haha!

-My sister's going to Boracay on June 3 or 4 or 5. I don't know. Honestly, I think its a stupid idea. Why? Well, its june. Its a rainy season, How the hell are you going to enjoy a beach when its raining. I mean, ok, you can still go swimming but the water will be dirty! Eeewww!

-Oh Jesus! My uniform. I hope its still in the sewing center. I

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Were gonna upgrade my computer, were gonna upgrade my computerrrrr... Weeeeeeeee!

FYI: Computer ko super bulok. haha! like 128mb of ram. Hellooo? anu nagagawa dun. Pentium IV. Intel Inside. So.. medio ok na rin kahit papano. Were gonna upgrade it to 1gb or 80mb. Not yet sure. Pero mamaya. hahah! sa brochiere. Sa galleria! haha!

Oh my, di pa ako natutulog.. hahaha!


current addiction: Bo bice, Clay Aiken in short American Idol rockers... well, not really rockers.

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I wanna study HTML!! I wanna learn how to code a layout. Graaar. Im going to buy nga a book e. IF i could find one.. oh well..

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[[Then, SHE is the american idol.]]

Carrie Underwood amazed me. She sang her piece very well. It was absolutley stunning. She's pretty pa. Oh well. Congratulations to Carrie.

And to Bo, I STILL LOVE YOU!! haha!! i so adore bo! hahaha! i love the "SWEET HOME ALABAMA!" It was so cool!

Now, I wanna be a rockstar. Because of him. haha! i wanna go to alabama!! sheesh! hahha!!

The American Idol Finale was absolutley great! It was very very funny! Special about Simon "ego" Cowell! hahaha! I LOVE THE MIRROR PART! hahahaha!!! FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!! hahha!!

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Hamburglar is a hamburger. Ronald McDonald is a well.. a clown. But, what is Grimace?! Hmmm.. No one knows. Here are some theories. But first, lets take a look at our friend, Grimace....

Who is Grimace supposed to be?

McDonald's own web site gives a brief insight into Grimace. They state, "Grimace is a big, loving, fuzzy purple fellow who is Ronald McDonald's best friend. He's sure Ronald is the world's ultimate authority on everything. While Grimace loves all McDonald's foods, he's absolutely crazy about milkshakes. Grimace is very enthusiastic and eager to try new things. His joyous spirit helps everyone overlook the fact he's a little slow and clumsy sometimes."

This definition is obviously of no help. Grimace used to be this kontrabida with six arms who stole milkshakes. One website commented, "between Hamburglar (who stole burgers), the Fry guys (who stole fries), and Grimace, crime was running rampant in the 'McHood. Maybe these characters weren't exactly great role models for children? Or perhaps Ronald was hogging all the food from the others, forcing them into a Dickensian life of crime? Who can say..." But the most interesting theories on Grimace came from a Filipino:

1. Grimace is an ube mascot. Mc Donald's must've had ube-flavored ice creams or shakes before.

2. He is the bastard child of Tinky Winky of the Teletubbies (who's also rumored to be gay) and an eggplant.

3. Grimace is violet Crayon left to melt under the sun by kids eating at McDonald's playgrounds.

4. Grimace must have been a grape-flavored drink. Maybe the drink was really sour and it made people grimace. That's why he's called Grimace!

5. He's the ugliest McDonald's mascot. That's why they covered him up with another costume - a purple one that's so heavy he can't even take it off himself!

6. Grimace is all the McDonald's food items thrown and mixed in a blender.

7. Grimace is a milkshake.

8. McDonald's wanted to introduce kamote french fries when they first came to the Philippines. That's why they created Grimace. He's a kamote.

9. He's the twin brother of Ronald McDonald. Originally they looked alike but Grimace, who is mentally retarded, was a disgrace to the family and to the name. That's why they made him wear the purple costume.

10. Here's one of the best theories so far: Grimace, who, along with other Mc Donald's characters like Officer Big Mac, Mayor McCheese, and Hamburglar, were introduced in the 70s, represents the Blueberry milkshakes, launched in the US in the 70s. He was actually called Evil Grimace at first since he always liked to steal other people's milkshakes. He came from an island full of fun and milkshake-loving other purple Grimace-types. Neat, huh?

What's the official word from McDonald's? Well, some guy called up the J.P. Rizal, Makati branch of McDonald's and asked the girl who answered the phone what Grimace is. Her answer? "He's a potato." Uh okay, whatever you say ma'am.

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[[American Idol.]]

American Idol. One of my favorite shows! I bet Bo Bice will win! Yipeee! He's so good! Specially when he sang "I cant get no... satisfaction!" haha! It was so cool! He'll definetly win! No doubts about that! Although, I like Carrie too. She's sweet. Oh well. I still like Bo better! hahaha!

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[[The Contender]]

The finale was shown earlier. Guess who won? Sergio Mora. The Latin Snake. Personally, I want Peter to win. For an unknown reason. Sheeesh. Oh well. I have to admit. Mora was pretty good! All those hooks and combos!

Nice fight! Nice fight! Nice fight!

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[[University Rivalry]]

DLSU, ADMU, UP, AMA, Adamson, PUP, Lyceum, SanBeda... ilan lang yan sa mga university na walang katapusan ang banatan sa isa't isa. Naalala niyo pa ba ang mga jokes tungkol dito? hindi? papalala ko sainyo...

ATENEO : Mom, I'll buy you Nike!
LSALLE : Fine, Mom, I'll buy you Adidas!
FEATI U : Nay, bakya na lang bilhin niyo, palaging baha sa skul!

LSALLE - Lasalista
ATENEO - Atenista
St. SCHO - Kulas
SAN SEB - Baste
UST - Uste
LETRAN - Letranista
UP - Iskolar/Isko
BENILDE - bobo, tanga, bagsakin, stupido. ay Bedans nga pala.

U.P. to DLSU & Ateneo: Uno sa inyo, tres samen.
DLSU & Ateneo: Tuition fee nyo baon lang namin.
U.P.: eh ano ngayon?! kayo taga bayad lang namin
ADMU & DLSU say: U.P. aka University of the Poor
U.P. says: DLSU aka Di Lumusot Sa UPCAT... ADMU aka Another Di Makapasa sa UPCAT!

UP to ATENEO: "Exam nyo, quiz lang namin!!!"
ATENEO to LA SALLE: "Tuition fee nyo, baon lang namin!
LA SALLE to ATENEO: babae nyo, short time lang namin!!!

Anteneo:(clap clap) pls get her order..
DLSU:waiter!(raising his hands) pls give me the menu!
U.P.:miss pabili ng hamburger.
A.M.A: sir, i2 na hamburger mo. <---HAHAHA!! LAFTRIP!

LSALLE:Shoks! nawala credit card ko!
ATENEO:ah!! atm ko nawala!
AMA:Pucha Picture ni Jolina Nawawala!!

---name things that contains milk?---
AMA- Halo-Halo
Bedans-pregnant woman?

Oh diba? Iba na talaga maging AMA. ibang iba. Kau nga? meron ba kayong ama jokes? share naman!! hahhaha!


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Kakachat ko lang kay teri! teri guanio. hahaha! sobrang nakakatawang babae to e. haha!! nakakatawa ung conversation namin.. eto ung ending nga.. haha!

teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:05:34 AM): sige na alis na tlaga ako.!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:05:37 AM): hahaa!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:05:38 AM): cge!!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:05:39 AM): BYEEE!!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:05:43 AM): taaake care!!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:05:43 AM): mukhang sinaraduhan na ko ng pinto
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:05:45 AM): hahahahha!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:05:47 AM): tc!!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:05:48 AM): haha!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:05:50 AM): tttccc!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:05:54 AM): nyeh.. pinto kaya saan?!?!?!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:05:57 AM): hmm..
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:06:00 AM): asan ka kaya?
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:06:01 AM): hmm..
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:02 AM): eh kwARTO KO TOH?!?!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:05 AM): HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:07 AM): TANGA!!!!!!!!!!!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:06:07 AM): HHHAHAHA!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:06:11 AM): !PAUSO KA NANAMAN!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:23 AM): TAWA NA KO D2!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:25 AM): HAHAHAHAHA
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:31 AM): LABO NUN PROMISE!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:33 AM): HAHAHAH!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:06:34 AM): AHHAHA!!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:06:35 AM): oonga!!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:06:37 AM): super!!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:06:40 AM): parang di ko nagets un a!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:41 AM): "MUKHANG NASARADUHAN NA KO NG PINTO!"
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:06:45 AM): AHHAHAHAHAH!!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:46 AM): ...SABAY
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:49 AM): KWARTO KO PALA!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:06:57 AM): mali..s abay anung pinto
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:06:57 AM): HAHAHAHHA!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:00 AM): bahahahha!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:01 AM): tae!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:07:04 AM): NAPAISIP AKO !!!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:07:05 AM): AHHAHA!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:05 AM): bagong bago!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:07:10 AM): AHHAHAHAHAHAH!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:10 AM): HAHHAHAH!!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:07:12 AM): TAKTE
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:07:13 AM): SERYOSO YUN!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:14 AM): PINTO!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:07:15 AM): HAHAHAH!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:19 AM): NAGULAT NGA AKO E!
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:07:20 AM): HINDI KO INISIP YUN.
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:07:24 AM): PARANG LUMABAS BGLA
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:24 AM): SAN KA KAUYA SASATRAHAN
teri guanio (5/25/2005 1:07:27 AM): HAHAHHAHA
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:29 AM): AHAHHAHAH!!!!!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:32 AM): SHIT!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:40 AM): NAEEXCTE TAYONG DALAWA!
elora sam (5/25/2005 1:07:44 AM): PURO CAPS

at tuloy tuloy pa yan.. tawa kami ng tawa!! pinto?! ahhaha!! wala namang pinto! hahaha!! grabe! ang gulo gulo!! hahahaha! iba talaga toh c teri! hahaha! hahahahahaha!! ang sakit ng tyan ko!!!

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elora alyssa samson sam.
miriam college high school.
former pep squad.
proud knoller.

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Louis Vuitton
Christian Dior
Lip Gloss
my computer.
my comforter.
my ipod.
playing tennis.
playing badminton
playing basketball
posting in teentalk

[[*My Detests*]]

Unoriginal freaks
big fat liars.
fun suckers.
no reaction people.
show offs.

[[*5 books*]]

Shopaholic Series.
Veronika Decides To Die.
The Da Vinci Code.
The Alchemist.

[[*5 shows*]]

Complete Savages.
Ambush Makeover.
Late night w/ Conan o'Brien.
The tonight Show w/ Jay Leno.

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liquid generation.
this blog.

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The WeatherPixie

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Song: My name is.

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teri guanio.
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minot san jose.
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biang francisco.
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beii policarpio.
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andy rapista.
ange agoncillo.
cheddar de leon.
chia ruby.
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jeje ricafort.
kris sipin.
lia javellana.
marian panlilo.
martha ignacio.
rozanne fransisco.

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gelo arucan.

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danie tuano.
chessy luna.
mica ocampo.
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maxene magalona.
bianca gonzalez.
rina andres.
ac baretto.


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